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Winter 2002 Vol. 10 No. 2 Focus on Dealing with Discipline

Students seek solutions to discipline problems

Photo: Need in Deed

Fourth graders at Lingelbach Elementary School practice teamwork skills in preparation for a project to reduce aggressive behavior on the school playground.

By by Amy Stuart

Concerned about violence and other problems in their schools, students across Philadelphia are taking matters into their own hands.

From fourth graders at Lingelbach Elementary to high school seniors at Bartram and Kensington, students have been taking steps to improve their schools' climates and reduce the tension that leads to aggressive behavior - before it becomes a problem.

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The best discipline is a good curriculum

By by Kelley Dawson

One day, I wrote the word "celebration" on the board and promised the class they could have a party if they behaved for the whole day. I crossed each letter off one by one. By noon we all knew they'd never make it.

In short, I was desperate.

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Preparing teachers to handle discipline fairly, effectively

By by Ajuah Helton

Inadequate training in classroom management in teacher education and certification programs and in the School District's own teacher induction program limits these teachers' ability to implement fairly the School District's new "zero tolerance" discipline policy.

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