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Frustrations mount as budget crisis wears on


Dale Mezzacappa

on Dec 1, 2014 02:24 PM

Update: A hearing in Commonwealth Court on the PFT's challenge to the cancellation of its contract and the imposition of the health care changes will be held in Harrisburg on Dec. 10. The District is arguing to have a stay of the changes lifted. 


For students, parents, and teachers, as well as the leadership of Philadelphia public schools, this fall has been a time of heightened uncertainty and bitter conflict.

After two years of drama about whether there is enough money to operate schools safely, the District is still not on sound financial footing. Its leaders have expended energy and political capital on extracting new revenue streams, but its victories have been hollow.

Camp leaves lasting memories

By by Madelyn J. Silber on Feb 25, 2014 12:42 PM

After spending an evening bundled up around a campfire, singing familiar songs and telling stories, we came back to our bunk, shared our “highs” and “lows” of the day with our counselor and bunkmates and began to get ready for bed. We had just inched into our sleeping bags, lazily swatted away another pesky mosquito, and yawned through our last “goodnights,” when our counselor crept back into our bunk. 

“Listen close!” he whispered. Through our squinted eyes we saw him motioning for us to lean in. “At midnight,” he said very seriously, “you will be embarking on an adventure—just the four of you. No one else knows, not even the other counselors.” All of a sudden, we weren’t feeling so tired. “I’m leaving these envelopes here. Each one contains a clue. I’ll be by the campfire if you absolutely need me. You must not be seen. Don’t open the first envelope until exactly midnight!” With that, he slid back through the door just as softly as he had come in. 

Time and staff are short as 23 schools prepare to close

By by Dale Mezzacappa on Apr 2, 2013 12:38 PM

Evynn Pendergrass had fought the good fight, appearing twice before the School Reform Commission to plead that the District not close the University City High Promise Academy, where she is a junior.

She lost. And now she must find someplace else to complete high school. 

In the wake of the 23 school closings and five relocations or mergers approved by the SRC in March, she is just one of thousands of students and District employees scrambling to sort out their options.

Mapping Philadelphia's dropouts

By the Notebook on Mar 28, 2013 12:57 PM


Graphic by Joseph Kemp

Quotes from the front lines

By the Notebook on Feb 4, 2013 01:33 PM

“This is not unique to Philadelphia. This is happening in large, urban centers all over the country. These large, urban centers…can no longer sustain the type of physical inventory that is not in use.” – Superintendent William Hite


Mass school closings: Why the numbers don’t add up

By by Helen Gym on Jan 31, 2013 03:27 PM

Like most of the public, I’ve been baffled by the District’s latest rationale for closing down an unprecedented number of schools in a single year. In observing the school hearings, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a quote by Maya Angelou: “There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.” 

Selling of vacant schools is underway

By by Benjamin Herold for NewsWorks, a Notebook news Partner on Nov 21, 2012 11:57 AM

With dozens of new school closings looming, the School District of Philadelphia has started selling off some of its properties that are already vacant. 

Three building sales were approved by the School Reform Commission in November: the former Walton and Muhr elementary schools in North Philadelphia and Jones Annex in Kensington.

A busy end of year

By Anonymous on May 16, 2012 11:19 AM

The Notebook is continuing to celebrate the release of each print edition with a happy hour for Notebook members and readers to mingle. The May 18 happy hour at City Tap House, 39th and Walnut St., was timed to coincide with the Education Writers Association annual national seminar, hosted this year by the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education.

Harsh realities: Who's been cut

By Anonymous on May 16, 2012 11:18 AM
  • Between 2011 and what's projected for 2012-13, the District will have cut almost 4,000 employees, or 16.3 percent of its workforce.

  • In two years, the District will have eliminated 1,486 teaching positions, 369 counselors and student advisers, 144 secretaries, 101 nurses, 407 supportive service assistants, 166 custodians and building engineers, 46 principals and assistant principals, 23 school police officers, 329 noontime aides, and 771 other mostly non-represented employees, including central office administrators.

Reflections from my year inside the Notebook

By by Jason Lozada on May 16, 2012 11:19 AM

Jason LozadaAs a 2007 graduate of Philadelphia public schools and a fan of the Notebook, I was interested in knowing how this newspaper operated.

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