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Stories tagged: parent organizing

Muñoz-Marín parents vote decisively to keep school within the District

By Bill Hangley Jr. on Jun 6, 2014 09:56 AM
Updated | 3:50 p.m.: Superintendent William Hite announced that Muñoz-Marín will remain a traditional District school, saying, “Parents and guardians have chosen a path for their school and we are going to support their choice and quickly move forward with the very important work of improving outcomes for students at Muñoz Marín.”


A long, lively day of voting at Muñoz-Marín School in North Philadelphia ended with a decisive victory for the school’s current administration, with parents rejecting a proposed match with a charter provider, ASPIRA, and electing to remain under District management.

“It’s 223 for traditional public school and 70 for ASPIRA,” spokesperson Fernando Gallard announced at 7:45 Thursday night to a roar of delight from the school’s jubilant supporters and staff.

Steel parents face daunting decision: Go charter or stay with District?

By Bill Hangley Jr. on Apr 24, 2014 03:36 PM

Parents of the Edward T. Steel School face a choice: Stay with the District or become a charter?

For Lamaine Robinson, a Steel graduate and now a high school sophomore at Mastery’s Gratz campus, the answer is clear: The District shouldn’t mess with what he considers success.

Rallies set for Philly and 60 other cities in National Day of Action

By the Notebook on Dec 9, 2013 02:28 PM

by Naveed Ahsan

Teachers, parents, students, and education activists will gather at 4:30 p.m. today outside Gov. Corbett’s Philadelphia office, 200 S. Broad St., as part of the National Day of Action to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education.

Education advocates will stage actions in more than 60 cities across the country, demanding better schools for America’s children. The day of action was planned by an alliance of teachers' unions and community groups to fight back against what they see as an unprecedented attack on the public school system.

Hundreds are expected to convene outside Corbett’s office, including members of the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools (PCAPS), the Rev. Kevin Johnson of Bright Hope Baptist Church, and Philadelphia Federation of Teachers president Jerry Jordan.

Nurses hold vigil in memory of girl who died of asthma

By the Notebook on Oct 18, 2013 04:58 PM

by Naveed Ahsan

School nurses, parents, and education advocates concerned about budget cuts held a silent candlelight vigil outside of District headquarters before Thursday’s School Reform Commission meeting in memory of 12-year-old Laporshia Massey, who died from an asthma attack on Sept. 25.

Philly parents file hundreds of school complaints with Pa. education department

By the Notebook on Oct 3, 2013 06:57 PM

by Holly Otterbein for NewsWorks

Before this year's classes began in the Philadelphia School District, parents groups and lawyers from the Public Interest Law Center worried that budget cutbacks were so severe that the state would not be able to meet its legal obligation to provide an adequate education.

A few days before class, they called on fellow parents, students and teachers to file formal complaints with Pennsylvania's education secretary. 

Thus far, they said, 260 have been filed. They expect to file an additional 100 complaints by the end of the week.

PCAPS announces new campaign to fight for school funding

By the Notebook on Sep 12, 2013 03:55 PM

by Isaac Riddle

The Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools organized a press conference Thursday at City Hall to announce a new campaign that would call on City Council and other elected officials to fully fund District schools.

Funding schools with donations pits need against fairness

By the Notebook on Aug 23, 2013 05:09 PM

by Paul Jablow

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, the Bornstein family, of Mill Valley, Calif., will receive a letter asking them to pay almost $2,500 to their public school district through a local foundation.

The notice will come from Kiddo!, whose well-crafted website describes it as “made up of people like you who give generously to provide arts, technology, classroom and library aides, P.E. and innovative teaching programs for children in Mill Valley’s K-8 public schools.”

Michael Bornstein is executive director of Evolve, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that advocates for greater government support of public education, as well as affordable health care and job creation. And although he can afford it, he has mixed feelings about writing the check for his two elementary-school children.

“Philosophically,” he says, “I think this should be paid for with public funds. But on a personal level, it’s needed. Without it, there wouldn’t be art and music. Practically every parent is going to do what’s best for their kid.”

As time runs out, Philly public school parents send open letter to legislators

By the Notebook on Jun 30, 2013 03:11 PM

The following open letter, signed by about 600 Philadelphia public school parents and taxpayers, was sent to Pennsylvania state legislators over the weekend and posted on the Facebook page of the organization Imagine a School.

We urge you to VOTE YES on ANY measures for EMERGENCY funding to school districts in Pennsylvania, including the School District of Philadelphia, for FY 2013-14.

We realize that you may not be familiar personally with Philadelphia -- our city, our schools, and our children -- and that you may have been exposed to negative and sensationalized media stories and to commentators who describe our city as a "rat hole" and a "cesspool." The reality is that we work, pay taxes and support our children -- just as families do in your home districts. We have chosen to invest our families' futures in the State of Pennsylvania and in a city that we love, and to send our children to public schools that we know firsthand to be great.

Lessons from a budget battle

By Helen Gym on Jun 28, 2013 12:15 PM

Last Thursday, City Council decided that democracy was inconvenient.

Faced with a deluge of phone calls and an unprecedented outpouring of parent action supporting the progressive Use & Occupancy tax, City Council President Darrell Clarke shut down an expected vote on the tax and instead announced that the city would seek more than $74 million for schools through a tax on cigarettes and improved delinquent-tax collection.

One City Hall insider told me that certain members of City Council were “sh*!%ing bricks” at the number of phone calls they were receiving and were unhappy at the idea of taking a public vote on the Use & Occupancy tax.  At least one City Council office said it had received almost 100 phone calls on Wednesday, the day before the vote.

PCAPS talks new strategy as it regroups

By the Notebook on Apr 18, 2013 02:12 PM

by Charlotte Pope

Now that the School Reform Commission has voted to close 23 schools, the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools -- a major voice in the school-closings debate -- is regrouping and laying out its next steps.

About 200 people came together Wednesday evening during the group’s general assembly to hear about a new three-part campaign focusing on school funding, community schools, and charter school accountability.

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