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Want more info on early childhood education? Check out our Spring 2006 edition, which also focused on early childhood.

Spring 2006 Vol. 13 No. 3 Focus on Early Care and Education

Preschool works as ‘protective factor’

Photo: Harvey Finkle

At the McKinley Head Start program, Brianna, age 4, shows her mom Jessica Rosario how she writes her name. The center has built strong connections with parents.

By by Sharon Ward

Do children entering Philadelphia public schools attend early childhood education programs? Does attendance at these programs make children more “school-ready” than their peers? Do the benefits last?

These are among the questions being asked in a long-term research study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia. The answers so far are powerful new evidence of the importance of formal center-based preschool experiences to school success.

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Research points to critical role of early years

By by Marlene Weinstein

Research on human brain development and the long-term impact of early childhood education has established that the first five years of life are critical to laying a foundation for learning and success as an adult.

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A strong sense of nurturing found at top-notch provider

By by Melissa Stueck

“It’s just love. You feel the love.”

So says Byling Moore, whose son, Walter, attends Porter’s Day Care and Education Center on Belfield Avenue in Logan.

“My goal was and still is to have a center that is an extension of their family,” says Porter’s director, Deborah Greasham.

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