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Fall 2007 Vol. 15 No. 1 Focus on Organizing for Equity

Students say small schools not all created equal

Photo: Harvey Finkle
By by Dale Mezzacappa and Shani Adia Evans

Lawrence Jones-Mahoney is one of several student activists who have been in the forefront of the Philadelphia small schools movement. He has gone to more than a hundred meetings and traveled to several cities as a member of the Philadelphia Student Union (PSU), which has been pressing the District since 2002 to convert West Philadelphia High into four smaller, themed schools.

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Youth organizers talk ... about organizing


Phillip Pearce
West Philadelphia High School graduate
Joined PSU in ninth grade

Getting into it: I started getting involved in ninth and tenth grades when PSU was organizing agains tprivatization and trying to get it out of the School District. We had a real big fight about that and that's what interested me in Student Union. I saw that we actually won something and made a change, and that was decent.

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Grants boost five Philly organizing groups

Philadelphia Student Union

Philadelphia Student Union (PSU) provides leadership training to Philadelphia high school students, who organize to ensure that every student gets a quality education.

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