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Fall 2006 Vol. 14 No. 1 Focus on School District Contracting

CEP mystery: many pass through ... and then?

Photo: Matt Seaver

School Reform Commission chair James Nevels.

By by Dale Mezzacappa

The for-profit school manager in Philadelphia with the biggest contract, the longest tenure, and the most difficult mandate is also among the least scrutinized - Community Education Partners, which operates three schools in the city for disruptive youth.

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What is the 'diverse provider model?' How did we get it? Is it here for good?

By by Eva Gold

Five years ago, the city and its schools were in turmoil over a proposal to turn over leadership of the school system and many of its schools to a for-profit company called Edison Schools Inc.

But out of discussions between city, state, and School District officials, a compromise reform plan emerged that took some of the heat off of Edison. At its core was what is now known as the “diverse provider model” of school management.

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Informal bidding process: cause for concern?

By by Tina Collins

This practice is allowed by state law, and District officials say that it is often the best way of obtaining effective educational programs.

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