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Notes from the news, Dec. 8

By the Notebook on Dec 8, 2015 09:44 AM

Amid violence, Washington HS principal out. Inquirer

Washington High students arrested in alleged assault on teacher. Inquirer

Pedro Ramos and the new face of philanthropy. Al Dia

College option to jail for lesser crimes. Inquirer

Study: Philly comprehensive high schools in trouble. Inquirer

Report calls for more investment in neighborhood high schools. Philadelphia Tribune

Community Opposition Emerges At Preliminary Hearing For New Charter School Application In Philadelphia. CBS Philly

Should college tuition be free or paid on a sliding scale? Just ask preschool advocates. The Hechinger Report

On the table yet again: proposals to simplify FAFSA. The Hechinger Report

News summary from Keystone State Education Coalition

State Budget Stalemate, Day 161:

After another tentative agreement falters, uncertainty returns to long-overdue Pa. budget. NewsWorks

Extra $101M slated for city schools in budget deal, senator says. Philadelphia Tribune

Pennsylvania state Senate passes framework budget plan. Penn Live

Pa. legislators weigh dueling budget bills. Inquirer

House and Senate advance competing budget proposals. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Who's hiring teachers for 2015/2016 in Philly? For education job postings, visit

Notes from the news

Please email if we missed anything today or if you have any suggestions of publications, email lists, or other places for us to check for news.

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Comments (83)

Submitted by Annoy (not verified) on December 8, 2015 10:38 am

Thanks to PCCY report on neighborhood high schools.  Vallas bled neighborhood high schools with the  creation of "small, magnet schools," taking magnet programs out of most neighborhood high schools (except Northeast HS), etc.  Hite added his "innovation" high schools - another drain on neighborhood schools.  Then, charters also drain neighborhood schools and "dump" students who don't fit (this includes Mastery, Universal, Aspira, etc.)

Now, Freire is opening another charter witth the largess of  Phila School so-called partnership.  They will take students from Strawberry Mansion's catchment.  Over 35% of the students at Strawberry Mansion have an IEP.  Will Freire?  Highly unlikely.


Submitted by khazzanah (not verified) on September 18, 2016 2:46 pm

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Submitted by Dow Jones AMZN (not verified) on December 9, 2015 2:12 am

PCCY says we have to "invest" more in neigborhood schools.  There has to be pension reform first so that 95 cents out of every new dollar does not go to PSERS.  When they estimate the cost of educating students, they need to include the cost of pensions and health care benefits, even if the state is kicking the can down the road and not putting aside money for any of that.  Otherwise "investing" more in schools is just an Enron scam.  .  

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