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Notes from the news, Dec. 7

By the Notebook on Dec 7, 2015 10:41 AM

Wolf, GOP leaders reach tentative budget deal providing historic education boost. NewsWorks/Notebook

Pennsylvania Budget Process In Peril As House GOP Backs Off. AP

William Penn High School demolition begins. Notebook

Mayor-elect Kenney Plans To Help Schools On First Day Of His Administration. CBS Philly

5 takeaways from Jim Kenney’s town hall at South Philly High South Philly Review

YouthBuild, Starbucks initiative takes local woman from homelessness to career. Tribune

City, Comcast finally reach a deal. Inquirer

News summary from Keystone State Education Coalition

State Budget Stalemate, Day 160

House GOP moves toward own fiscal plan, jeopardizing state budget deal. Post-Gazette

Pa. Senate in late-night session on budget. Inquirer

Pottsgrove school taxes will not rise above 3.1%. Mercury News

Who's hiring teachers for 2015/2016 in Philly? For education job postings, visit

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Comments (73)

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