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April 2015 Vol. 22 No. 5 Focus on Education technology

Building a tech culture

Photo: Harvey Finkle

Kensington CAPA students are using Chromebooks in English, history, and 9th-grade math classes.


Bill Hangley Jr.

Principals never have enough of anything. But the item at the top of Robert Caroselli’s technology wish list is telling.

“I’ll tell you what – they need servers,” he said. “Upgraded servers. Districtwide.”

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Less-costly Chromebooks offer entry point to technology


Shannon Nolan and Camden Copeland

Are they glorified workbooks, just a substitute for paper and pencils? Or are Chromebooks shaping the way a new generation learns?

In a district catching up to 21st-century learning on a tight budget, these lightweight netbooks could be a catalyst for bridging the educational-technology gap.

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Using online tools to keep students engaged


Connie Langland

At the start of class, 9th grader William Cook has logged on to an academic website, just as his algebra teacher, Robert Mastrangelo, instructed.

“Do the reading and watch some of the videos before you do the practice,” advises Mastrangelo, who moves down an aisle to assist a student having trouble logging on.

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High School of the Future: A learning experience


Dale Mezzacappa and Allison Welton

When math teacher Eros Uthman-Olukokun joined the High School of the Future faculty in the summer of 2013, he was overwhelmed.

Every student had a laptop, and all academic materials were online. Accustomed to paper, pencils, and textbooks, Uthman-Olukokun suddenly had to do everything differently.

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